1. The sapphire crystal glass being mounted on a case back.

2. The rotor is mounted inside the movement chamber from the back case.

3. An outer case being machined on a CNC machine.

4. The case back engraving is deburred, a finishing method used to smooth, before sand blasting and staining.

5. The steel bezel undergoing a sand blasting treatment.

6. Pusher being mounted on a SpidoSpeed chronograph.

For Linde Werdelin the combination and balancing between design and craftsmanship is the ingredient for a lasting and beautiful timepiece and instrument.

Working on such a small surface and carving the case metal into perfectly cut facets requires a highly meticulous and experienced craftsman.

Equally, the launch of the Spido, and now the Oktopus II models is the fruit of several years of research and development until a robust and architecturally complex frame could take form and be transformed into a 3-dimensional piece.

Craftsmanship is evident not only on the outside but also inside the Linde Werdelin watches. Each piece crafted is powered by a custom-made movement that suits the inspiration of the watch. Linde Werdelin is working with independent watch-makers to craft precision mechanisms that give life to each of the timepiece creations.