“It’s easy to make something look good, but that’s not the point”

Morten Linde

Founded in 2002 by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, Linde Werdelin watches and attachable dive and ski instruments have redefined the world of highly crafted sports watches by bringing together the best of Swiss craftsmanship with Danish design ingenuity and avant-garde technology.

  • The Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Black Orange is combining the classic chronograph complication with a racing car... fb.me/70H8xigUB

  • The Oktopus Crazy Universe is the result of a collaboration with engraving artist Johnny Dowell. Morten Linde,... fb.me/3fgmYMkt8

  • Our latest series is the Linde Werdelin x TBlack Monochrome. The SpidoSpeed and SpidoLite x TBlack are the... fb.me/8EQWzHMVC