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Where can I purchase a Linde Werdelin timepiece?

You can purchase a Linde Werdelin timepiece online on this website or from any of our authorised retailers. To locate your nearest authorised retailer, please go to the Retailers section of this site.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the UK and to any country worldwide. Our designated international courier is UPS and UK Royal Mail.  For security reasons and protection of your credit card shopping, we only ship to a new customer's credit card billing address.

How much is shipping and delivery?

For any purchase of watches and/or instruments made directly from Linde Werdelin or via this website, delivery is complimentary and fully insured to your door in any country in the world where there is a postal network. Non-European Union residents are liable for all import duties, customs, local sales taxes and tariffs levied by the country you are shipping to; payment of these is necessary to release your order from customs on arrival before delivery.

Am I entitled to duty-free shopping from Linde Werdelin?

Customers are entitled to UK VAT-free shopping for delivery outside the European Union.

Can I try before I purchase?

Yes, we offer a Try It programme. Please contact us for more information by telephone on +44 20 7727 6577 between 9am and 6pm UK time, Monday to Friday, or via email at


How should a LINDE WERDELIN timepiece be maintained in good condition?

A mechanical watch will last for generations. To ensure your LINDE WERDELIN timepiece continues to function perfectly we recommend having it serviced every three (3) years by an authorised LINDE WERDELIN service centre. This will keep the components well lubricated and clean. An obligatory water tightness test is carried out during servicing.

For a list of authorised retailers click here or call +44 20 7727 6577.

Can I change the watch strap or bracelet myself?

Yes, the strap and bracelet is designed to seamlessly fit into the watch case and is held in place by the four screws in each corner of the case. To replace the strap of bracelet remove each of these screws using the LINDE WERDELIN screwdriver. You should not use an ordinary screwdriver as this may scratch the screws and case. Only LINDE WERDELIN straps or bracelets should be fitted to your watch.

Click here for a list of authorised retailers or call +44 20 7727 6577 for assistance.

Where can I have my watch or instrument repaired?

Repairs can only be undertaken by an authorised LINDE WERDELIN service centre. Please contact your retailer from whom you made the purchase. For a list of authorised retailers click here. If you made the purchase directly from Linde Werdelin, please contact our Aftercare service via the Contact Us page or call +44 20 7727 6577.

How long is the guarantee period?

LINDE WERDELIN watches and instruments are covered by a two (2) year international guarantee from the date of purchase.

What does the guarantee cover?

The LINDE WERDELIN guarantee covers manufacturing defects during the guarantee period.

What is excluded from the guarantee?

The LINDE WERDELIN guarantee does not include:
-         replacement of straps, bracelets or buckles
-         replacement batteries for the instrument sensors
-         normal wear and tear or use of the product
-         damage resulting from accidental impacts, improper or abusive use
-         issues occuring from unauthorised repairs or alterations, lack of care
-         theft or loss