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An Elusive Season

Posted on April 13, 2011 by Jorn Werdelin

It must have been one of my shortest seasons. While in the beginning Europe showed great promise with cold cold weather and snow in October and November, there was hardly any snow between Christmas and the middle of February. Even then when it did snow it was really too warm for it to stay on ground. I put the ski away before the end of March. Perhaps just as well, as we had such a mad time to follow at BaselWorld this year.

The skiing we had in February was luckily in the week where we had snow every other day and we managed to get some action in and around Verbier. Verbier as I said in an earlier post is getting to be a better and better friend – some of the skiing say Tortin, Mont Fort, off Mont Fort, Mont Gele is just fantastic…and especially with fresh snow – woaw.

I went touring with a couple of Swedish friends in Courmayeur (Val Grisenche and Grand St. Bernard) but the snow conditions were appalling – we were literally walking up on semi melted snow and skiing down on ice – if that is possible.

The last little bit of skiing I did was with the French Mountain Guard in Chamonix – we had a beautiful day walking (with skins) up from Le Flegere and into Switzerland. Because almost everything was booked in Chamonix we stayed at a small charming hotel called Le Savoyard – not exactly the poshest of hotels but it fulfilled its purpose combined with a fantastic day in the mountains.

But now off to the sea for diving.

Jorn Werdelin

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