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A Complete Family

Posted on January 28, 2010 by Morten Linde

We participated in Geneva Time Exhibition (GTE) last week. For the uninitiated, it was a watch fair organised for the first time for the independent brands, running alongside SIHH in Geneva. There was a lot of interest. Everyone who came to see us had heard of us and wanted to meet us in person to find out what we had in store for 2010. It was a great success.

Here are a couple of images, courtesy of Hodinkee.

If you follow The Lab, you should know that I made some adjustment to the design of the Oktopus last year after BaselWorld. So it was good to show everyone the final design in the flesh at last. In two weeks time we will post some images of the Oktopus DLC and Titanium for you here.

Another highlight ought to be the SpidoLite. We presented the SpidoLite SA Rose Gold, along with SA All Black and SA Titanium. It is a complete family of the SpidoLite SA.

Through an interview with Hodinkee, you can see this complete family. Oh, by the way, they are not my hands…

We welcomed a lot of guests from the press and media at GTE. But speaking of Hodinkee, I must say it was very interesting to learn of this New York based website. I like their website. They target the city folks who are urban dwelling, international, and very style conscious. They have a unique following and set themselves up to be a “trend-spotter” for the watch industry.

Good job that they love skiing too. They recently took LW skiing with them and made a video.

Now that makes me want to be in the mountains!

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