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A Golden Kind of Blue

Posted on July 30, 2009 by Morten Linde

The first lot of fully assembled SpidoLite just arrived at the Danish Linde Werdelin offices in Charlottenlund this week. It was quite thrilling to finally get a good look at the fascinating blue gold rotor that is a signature construction from fellow Dane, Mr Svend Andersen.

Mr Andersen is the man behind the movement in the SpidoLite SA and famous for not only his amazing watch making skills but also for his blue gold rotors.

Blue gold is, above all, an alloy. A mix between pure gold and iron. Once combined, the yellow gold and grey iron create a unique metallic colour. The blue gold created in this unique process is available only in Mr Andersen’s watches, including our SpidoLite SA.

The blue gold shows only in certain angles and is a fascinating detail of the SpidoLite and can be fully enjoyed through the sapphire glass back. The images here have not been retouched. I am pleased they have turned out well.

The Svend Andersen movement in the SpidoLite SA is an A. Schild ebauche, heavily modified by Mr Andersen himself. A. Schild is the great grand father of the highly acclaimed ETA 2892 and is among one of the most sturdy and precise mechanical movements ever produced. The vintage A Schild calibre used in the SpidoLite has long proven its strength and has a perfect track record.

The SpidoLite SA will be shipped to the rightful owners, only 44 of them worldwide, and we look forward to getting feedback from them.