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'Anthracite' is the New Black

Posted on January 26, 2012 by Morten Linde

We have a long-running history of experimenting with colours in our own DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coating treatment which offers superior scratch resistance for LW timepieces, as we previously shared here. The results were the introduction of the Hard Black, Hard Green, and Hard Grey in our Hard DLC series, deemed as LW’s specialty.

We even have a Hard Blue but that shall remain as a prototype in The Lab…

The latest DLC tone we are extremely pleased with is the ‘Anthracite’. It is a very dark grey in hard coal, almost black, but it is not black. We couldn’t wait to use it for the SpidoLite II and SpidoSpeed Chronograph. Achieving a tone is a matter of how long we put a watch part through the DLC coating treatment. It reaches black after a certain duration of being treated. The shorter the duration, the lighter a tone it turns into.

The ‘Anthracite’ tone requires a very specific amount of time to realise. Just a few minutes longer or shorter, it would become a different grey. So it is particularly challenging for individually crafted, non-mass-produced, timepieces like ours, as it requires extreme precision to achieve the exact same tone for all watch parts in different shapes and sizes.

For our Spido models, Anthracite works really well. It presents the skeletonised case design with more depth compared to the Black which is more stealth.

We love our ‘Anthracite’ for its own level of coolness. It is almost black, but is just…different.

M. Linde

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