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A Stroke Of French

Posted on August 6, 2009 by Morten Linde

Pretty soon we will go back to Paris, to meet the two talented French gentlemen who created our graphic parallel universe. Last year, we contacted an agency in Paris who specialize in illustration communication – a world that the Swiss watch industry had not yet embraced – when we came up with the idea of using illustrations to present the Linde Werdelin universe.

We were excited that Emmanuel Larrat of our agency, Module Étrange, came up with the extremely talented creative duo, Thierry Smolderen (pictured below) and Dominique Bertail.

Our idea about using Dominique Bertail (the illustrator, pictured below) and Thierry Smolderen (the scenario writer) was to break the rules of standard watch advertising. Most other watch brands use famous ambassadors or sporty events to illustrate the thoughts behind their products. We didn’t want to go there. We want to be known as something different. We basically wanted to break the standard horological marketing rules.

Dominique’s elegant and very detailed strokes have a certain modern Manga feel to them. Very sophisticated with so many details that appeal to our imagination. Where did the story of an illustration start, and where does it end? Viewers can dive into a story with each of our illustrations. Whereas a photo would leave nothing or very little to the mind and imagination.

Thierry has written many fantastic stories to popular comic books and long proven his incredible sense of part SciFi, part real life. Together with Dominique, he has come up with a universe that fits the Linde Werdelin watches and instruments incredibly well. Every watch has its own character, be it SpidoLite, 3 Timer, The One, or Oktopus. Each character will develop into a story. And all these stories will somehow intertwine…

We are looking forward to a continued relationship with the talented French creatives and see this graphic illustration universe as a strong communication route that makes Linde Werdelin stand out. The latest cover of iW magazine is a great example of how we stand out from the crowd.

M. Linde

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