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Posted on September 2, 2010 by Linde Werdelin

”Hello. My name is Kristian Haagen. I am a Linde Werdelin owner”. I imagine this is the future scenario for Linde Werdelin owners. Meeting in smelly school gyms, drinking horrid coffee and acting as if this was yet another AA meeting.

But why comparing the ownership of Linde Werdelin watches with an AA meeting? Well, the dang watches grow on you and you have a hard time limiting your horological collection with a single SpidoLite, Oktopus, 3-Timer or even Hard Black I / II. You become a Linde Werdelin addict!

Well…at least I did. Starting out with a simple Elemental, then adding the cool Hard Black I of only 22 made. And now drooling like a mad man (not referring to the brilliant TV-show, mind you) by the windows of the Danish Linde Werdelin dealer, Franz Jaeger & Me in central Copenhagen.

New Kids On The Block
The Danish company may be in the league of upcoming youngsters. However, since their first attendance at Basel World 2009, the curiousity of the brand has made quite a few online discussion fora buzz with excitement.

The buzz is well deserved. The featherlight titanium SpidoLite with the Svend Andersen modified movement had me wonder what other watches from my collection I could sell to make this fantastic critter mine.

However the black DLC Oktopus was yet another cool alternative. Not to mention the latest colorful 3-Timers, taking inspirations from the timely Singapore F1. Only nine produced of each color, red or yellow. Or the impossibly cool Oktopus Moonphase with the seductive good looks and perfect fit on my slender wrist. Every new release from Linde Werdelin painstakingly reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s clever words: ”I can resist everything but temptation”.

The list of ”I Want That Linde Werdelin” is getting longer. The list is even transforming from Want to Need. A dangerous route to follow, admittedly.

Horological Drug
The small Danish watch company only have a line of five different models and an annual production of approx 1/425 of Rolex. But I want to own them all.

Red stitchings, photorealistic moonphase indicator, perforated crocodile straps, white decorated dials, yellow screws, green DLC case and bezel. There’s not a single Linde Werdelin I would consider a dog. Au contraire. They are all the dogs b*llocks, so to say.
Now…when is the next meeting?

Jorn & Morten:
Kristian is well known for his horological passion and knowledge in the Scandinavian countries and among the international watch communities. His views and opinions are regarded by many and recognised by various worldwide publications. He has become a friend of LW over the years. We highly value his views and are honoured to feature him as our first guest-writer.

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