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An Amazing Recovery

Posted on November 29, 2010 by Jorn Werdelin

I have to marvel at the power of the internet. We have recently recovered a gold watch from our Founders series, which was lost in transit a couple of years ago. What are the chances of that!

The Founders gold watch surfaced on the internet at a ridiculous price. It was suspicious. We were alerted. We contacted the seller. The seller safeguarded the piece while both parties sought advice from legal and law enforcement authorities. The case was closed, and to everyone’s satisfaction, based on business integrity and trust.

The transparency of the internet is the hero here. Imagine this, the lost property could have changed hands all under the radar.

It is no secret that the internet to the luxury watch industry is largely deemed as some sort of a no-man’s-land. Many do not dare to tread it. But for me this incident is a glorious example of why we should not be afraid to embrace the online world. We at LW see the good in it. And we work with it, not against it.

Opportunities and positivity abound when you can make sense of it. Common sense, especially. There’s always the good and the bad to everything, be it in the real world or the online world. You see something that is too good to be true? The odds are, it is!

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