The Lab

An Important Case

Posted on September 10, 2009 by Morten Linde

Recently we went to pay our Danish Instrument case manufacturer a visit, in order to shoot some pictures for The Lab. The company, Anton Kjær & Søn, is located pretty close to our Danish offices, and specializes in fine micro mechanics for several aerospace and electronics companies.

We chose Anton Kjær & Søn among several alternatives as they turned out to be just what we were looking for in terms of precision. Precision is vital for achieving the right clicking sound when attaching an Instrument to the watch. The sheer audible experience allows you to know the Instrument is securely in place. These are small details indeed, in every sense, but also what make our Instruments so great to wear and use.

As you can clearly see in the picture above, we demand perfect diamond like bevels for our Instruments, and the CNC machines used at Anton Kjær & Søn offer specific five-axel milling that meets our demands just right. When looking very closely at the finished case you will be able to see the facets meeting each other with 1/100 millimeter.

Just to make an example: we demand two tenth of a millimeter between the crystal and the case, making it a very hard procedure to anodize the cases. One small mistake means the push buttons won’t offer the right flow when activated by the fingers. These are minor details, yes. But extremely important minor details to offer the perfect Linde Werdelin experience, whether you are deep below on the water bed or high among the mountain summits.

I hope these pictures offers a little insight to the efforts we go through in order to make the Instruments not only beautiful but also highly functional as well as very very sturdy.