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Another New Year, Another New Season

Posted on January 21, 2010 by Jorn Werdelin

The New Year has got us all in high spirits. Not least because the ski season is our favourite time of the year. It was quite a bash when Linde Werdelin, Beautiful Books & SQUA.RE celebrated the launch of the Linde Werdelin 2010 Ski Guides in December. You can now see the highlights in this stylish short video:

Today, we launch an online version of the Ski Guide in partnership with SQUA.RE, as well as the LW Ski Guide App for iPhone. The online platform, is aimed and designed to constantly receive users’ feedback so the guide is updated throughout the ski season and until the next annual guide is out.

So, from today onwards you are most welcome to visit it, post comments, and engage into an ongoing interaction whether you are simply researching or actually planning your trips for this winter and years to come.

Ski Guide on SQUA.RE:

The iPhone app, on the other hand, is something out of personal needs. And I can imagine many out there will find it useful. It just makes sense to have the added-value of the iPhone in our Ski Guide providing location-based and real-time services, such as up-to-the-minute weather forecasts, snow alerts, and Geolocations. I can now carry the Ski Guide in my pocket as part of my phone.

LW Ski Guide App:

Our initial decision to produce the Ski Guide was because of our great passion for skiing. When we choose and write about the several different places to visit, stay, eat and so on, it is because we want to share our own experiences with these areas. Not because some places are better than others.

Every destination has its own soul – and something different to offer. That’s why we believe that some places should be visited with friends, others with family, while some are better for certain types of skiing than others. And do keep in mind that a skiing trip doesn’t have to last a week. Three or four days can easily do the trick if you have the right information for your dos and don’ts.

Our guide contains our own recommendations from decades of travelling and from our best experiences – you’ll find the essential information on the top skiing destinations in different areas, restaurants for lunch and dinner, nice hotels and so on. In other terms, we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to spend time or money on bad or disappointing choices.

In our opinions skiing is just skiing – it all depends on what you want. We do recommend that you try some different places every year, and try to spend three or four days in each place instead of a whole week. We believe five or six days a year with perfect conditions will make you feel complete when it comes to a skiing experience – and we’re convinced that our Ski Guide can give you the information needed.

See you on and off piste!

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