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Any Excuse for A Celebration

Posted on September 23, 2011 by Jorn Werdelin

A new model is on its way!  I joined Morten last week in Denmark to finalise the details to be released. It is all looking rather exciting. Oh, I can’t tell you yet…although I am eager to share that we will be making an announcement at the beginning of October.

I also took the opportunity to visit retailers.  Franz Jaeger & Me is a small cool and trendy boutique in Kongens Nytorv, a high-end shopping district at the heart of Copenhagen.  The owner, Per, is a friend and we like that we can deliver the personal touch through our friends to customers.  To bring home more good news, we have just confirmed to open a new retailer, Hingelberg, a pretigious store in Aarhus, second largest city in Denmark. It was a fruitful trip to the fatherland.

It was enough cause for celebration…or any excuse for a great night out really.  You are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an excellent restaurant in Copenhagen.  We went for Fiskebaren (Fish Bar), a superb fish and seafood restaurant run by two guys who used to work at Noma (the famous world’s best restaurant where getting a reservation is harder than getting an invitation to meet The Queen at Buckingham Palace).

Fiskebaren is…what can I say…a unique and edgy experience that starts even before you arrive at the restaurant.  As you go through the red light and dodgy district, you start to wonder whether you are going the right way. Then you enter the meat-packing district that looks nothing more than an abandoned space, and stop outside an unassuming entrance, you are not entirely sure what you are getting yourself into.


But once you are in, you are totally immersed in the buzz, the interior, and most of all, the food that is all about fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients.

A word of warning, loitering in the area after dinner is not recommended.

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