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Beyond the Glitz and Glamour in St. Moritz

Posted on April 9, 2010 by Morten Linde

This year’s Easter skiing was set to be back in my favourite resort, St. Moritz in the Engadine valley in Switzerland. With the best Easter weather and snowfall in twenty years, the beautiful slopes in St. Moritz were bound to be explored after ten busy days at Baselworld – one last trip before we wrapped up the ski season.

We stayed at the Suvretta House, a fairytale castle dates back to 1912 and has always been the centre of glamour and luxury in St. Moritz. It is located on the outskirts, in a quiet area close to the slopes. The hotel is a 5-star active resort both in the winter and in the summer.

Attached to the hotel are 140 expert ski guides, with many of whom I have had the pleasure to ski in past seasons. This year, I teamed up with ski guide Diego Del Negro and went on some pretty amazing trips in the area. Diego has been working with us for years and testing the Land Instrument, now The Rock, on his many ventures in the Engadin Valley.

Throughout the week in St. Moritz, we were skiing in both the Corviglia and the Corvatsch areas. These are the two mountainsides which frame the city of St. Moritz. Great powder, no queues at lifts and only few skiers in the off-piste areas made it all come together.

One of the trips that really blew me away was when Diego took me to Piz Nair at 3057m. From here, we skiied down the backside of the mountain and went through Val Suvretta. The powder was amazing and we had the whole valley to ourselves. The valley has no lifts and it’s all off-piste. Would recommend anyone to take this trip, however only with an experienced guide who knows the area. It’s easy to get to Piz Nair with the lifts; besides going down Val Suvretta, there are also many other routes, some more challenging than others.

The St. Moritz area offers so many possibilities – not only in skiing, but also in leisure, shopping and dining… and not to mention the breathtaking views down the Engadin Valley. Each time I visit, I look for new and exciting things for our Ski Guide. This time, I have discovered two more spots worthy of our recommendation in the Ski Guide: restaurant Kuhstall in the Corvatsch area, and mountain restaurant Salastrains in the Corviglia Area.

Kuhstall is a mix between modern and contemporary style, in a very stylish yet cozy setting. In the summer, this place is used as a cow stall when the cows are brought up from the Zurich area to graze in the mountains. The food is traditional Swiss.

Salastrains is an Italian restaurant with a Swiss inspiration. It’s located in the Corviglia area right on the piste at 2100m. (see their website for 360° views) We had lunch there. They served a great Italian antipasto followed by a very delicious osso buco. And their wine menu was really something out of the ordinary. After lunch, a cup of coffee on the terrace to enjoy the majestic views makes this place a must-do in the Corviglia area. Both of these places will of course be added to our next Ski Guide update on SQUA.RE and iPhone application.

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