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Black Is The New Black

Posted on May 7, 2010 by Morten Linde

We love being creative and experimental. In The Lab, we constantly play with new and interesting materials, new functional designs that will serve a purpose to the LW watch owners. In the fall of 2008, we took our first step into working with the surface material DLC. And the first Hard Black DLC Limited Edition was born [picture below]. The series was sold out instantly and the positive feedback was overwhelming.

We had been looking for a scratchproof surface treatment for our watchcases. After trying different types of coatings and treatments, we finally found the perfect formula for making our cases less prone to dents and scratches. The result was the Linde Werdelin Hard Black Elemental watch, limited to 22 pieces worldwide. Several of the owners set out to test the hard black DLC coating, and one even tested its durability in the Everest region [read his journey: here]. Based on the prior success of the first Hard Black watch, we decided to make a second edition called the Hard Black II.

The second edition of our Hard Black is based on the design of the earlier version, but with the dial design from The One. In comparison to the first version, we decided to add a more vibrant and sporty yellow Super LumiNova on the dial and the bezel. This was matched with the yellow stitching on the premium black alligator strap. I have made a video of the Hard Black II, where I compare it with the older version and a video where you get a 360 degree angle of the stealth looking watch.

Surface treatments and coatings such as DLC and PVD are an extremely detailed matter, so I will try to explain without it being too difficult to digest. The coating known as DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) has been used for several years in the motorsports-, oil drilling-, space- and weapons industry – all industries where precision, durability and performance are essential. In the watch industry, DLC serves as both an aesthetical feature of the black watch case and as a scratch proofing layer which protects the steel or titanium watchcase.

What makes the Linde Werdelin Hard Black watches so sturdy and durable is not only the black DLC coating. Before the coating, our cases are heat treated to several hundred degrees, thereby hardening the steel before coating the case with DLC. The DLC is applied in a vacuum vapour chamber where the watch case is bombarded with thousands of small carbon particles that is absorbed into the surface of the case, thus creating the very hard black coating with a thickness of only a thousandth of a millimetre, but with the hardness second only to diamond.

The Hard Black II watch is limited to 88pcs. and is ready for delivery in a few weeks. We are looking forward to hearing the feedback from many of the lucky owners who have already pre-ordered this watch… we know you have been waiting for quite a while, but we promise you, its definitely worth the wait.

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