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Black, Natural & Yellow

Posted on October 26, 2010 by Morten Linde

It’s like a candy shop at The Lab this week as we are surrounded by new deliveries full of colours. The last set of our SpidoLite SA All Black has just arrived. I know I am not supposed to have preference, but being one of the best perceived models of the LW collections, I cannot help but admit that the All Black is also one of my personal favourite pieces. That hint of blue is a special touch designed to add to the stealth tone and lift the overall black with elegance.

Dotted around me are also pieces of The Rock in black anodised aluminium, natural aluminium, and a vibrant yellow anodised colour. Certainly they make me feel excited about the soon to start ski season!

Just in time actually as this weekend I received two snow alerts on the Linde Werdelin Ski Guide iPhone application. Chamonix apparently has 10cm of snow already! Seems as if we are going to have a great ski season ahead of us. I can’t wait!

I have done a short video to talk you through the essence of the SpidoLite SA All Black from a design perspective.

Until next week…

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