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Celebrate The Danish Way

Posted on December 20, 2010 by Jorn Werdelin

It’s no secret that we love food at LW. What better time of year than Christmas to indulge in “Julehygge” (sorry you can’t translate that! but it’s kind of a fun and cozy bonding time with people).

In London things get festive throughout December when lots of parties, gatherings, and drinks are to be had. In Denmark, the special days leading up to Christmas start as early as mid-November when it is about eating. We call it “Julefrokost” or Christmas lunch. It is a tradition for any one who considers themselves a “group” to hold a Christmas lunch. For example, for the people you work with, for the people you play sports with, for the people you grew up with, or have gone to school with, for the people at your club, for the people you live near by, and for whatever type of group you can think of. If there is a way to eat more then we will find it!!!

As Danish Christmas specialities, we have gløgg (hot red wine with Aquavit, cinnamon, cloves, sultanas and almond slivers – like the German glühwein) and ris à l’amande (rice pudding with cherry sauce and a lucky almond). The British equivalents would be mulled wine and mince pies. You also find æbleskiver (pancakes in a dough ball shape served with jam and icing sugar) being served everywhere.

Families have Christmas dinners on 24th December in Denmark. Usually we eat duck, pork roast, or fish, rather than turkey. Other traditional Danish foods include herring (of course!) with a curry salad on brown bread, warm red cabbage, sausages, liver pâté, caramelised potatoes, ris à l’amande for dessert, and much more. It is all pretty tasty.

Should one desire, there are plenty of choices for a proper Christmas dinner at one of the many award-winning gourmet restaurants in Copenhagen. During this month-long yuletide, the capital is transformed into one big Christmas market, with stalls and events popped up all over the city.

So there you have it. A Danish Christmas is upon us. A remarkable 2010 is almost behind us. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Christmas season. I know we are!

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