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‘Click’ to Perfection

Posted on July 26, 2010 by Morten Linde

Quality is always found in the detail… one can really feel – or rather hear(!) – the level of quality of a timepiece by closely listening to the clicking sound of the turning bezel.

When I first started working on the design of the 3-Timer and Oktopus it was clear to me I wanted to find the best bezel mechanisms for those models.

The 3-Timer bezel being a 24 hour bidirectional one uses a completely different mechanism to the unidirectional bezel of the Oktopus (one click per minute). For both models, the bezel isn’t simply a design feature but rather a vital part of the functionality of the watch as a whole. For the 3-Timer it is needed for reading the third time zone and for the Oktopus, to time the duration of a dive.
Under the 3-Timer bezel lies a metal mechanism comprised of a roller type of ball and a spring. When turning the bezel, the ball ensures a smooth movement as well as durability of the mechanism itself.

[Above: a cross-section of the 3 Timer case]

For the unidirectional bezel of the Oktopus I chose the solid ratchet mechanism. Made of metal parts only, this mechanism is perfect for our diver watch series.

Design wise, another point worth mentioning about the Linde Werdelin bezels, which you may have noticed already, is that the numeral fonts are designed in-house and exclusive to us. This is another small detail which to me adds to the whole uniqueness and allure of our watches.

So, next time you turn the bezel of your LW Oktopus or 3-Timer do take a minute to actually feel and listen to its ‘clicks’!

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