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Creating the Specials

Posted on August 24, 2010 by Morten Linde

I’d say, every piece we create is special. So why do we have Special Editions?

For the uninitiated, you may think creating a new model in one of our existing watch families is just a matter of changing the colour of the dial, changing small details, then ‘voilà!’…or the Brits would say ‘Bob’s your uncle!’

The truth is, it doesn’t get easier and there is no short-cut. Not for Linde Werdelin anyway. A lot of our designs are done through hands-on development. Every piece requires a full technical study from scratch. Each goes through the same process from R&D to final tests before it hits the market.

Recently we have produced the Racing Series for our retail partner, E’Collezione, for the Singaporean customers. Consider it a fun project on the side for LW. The design was inspired by the leather pattern for a race car’s steering wheel and driving gloves, when 3-Timer was chosen for this special series to be launched in August/September. The red and yellow colours are typically seen in F1 races. So you can see, it’s just a special project inspired by a timely event, not a LW creation for the event.

Let me show you a quick run through of the design in a short video below.

We will be doing more commissions for our partners. They are not part of our Collections and are only available through specific partners, hence Special Editions. They are fun to do as they bring in fresh inspirations from outside The Lab and create the challenge to maintain the LW DNA beyond our Collections.

Check out the 360º of the Racing Yellow and Racing Red. Enjoy!

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