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Danish Delight

Posted on May 9, 2009 by Morten Linde

It makes me extremely proud to realise that a Danish restaurant was recently celebrated as the third best restaurant in the world, according to highly acclaimed Restaurant magazine. The restaurant in question is noma (yes, spelled with a small ‘n’), a place where I have enjoyed quite a few meals over the last couple of years. Noma was beaten only by famed El Bulli (where head chef of noma, René Redzepi, actually used to work prior to noma) and The Fat Duck.

Here’s a quote from the noma website, stating the concept of their kitchen: ”At noma, we aim to offer a personal rendition of Nordic gourmet cuisine, where typical methods of cooking, fine Nordic produce and the legacy of our common food culture are all being subjected to an innovative gastronomic approach. Carrying this line of thinking further, we view it as a challenge to play a part in bringing forth a regeneration of Nordic culinary craft, in its capacity to encompass the North Atlantic region and to brighten the world with its distinctive tastiness and special regional character.”

The ingredients are not Italian olive oil, nor sun-dried tomatoes from the Mediterranean, but instead “horse mussels, deep-sea crabs and langoustines from the Faeroe Islands”. A concept that not only won their impressive ranking, but also has resulted in two Michelin stars already. Food critic Clare MacCarthy of Financial Times Weekend made a restaurant review of noma recently and praised the “high end Nordic cuisine…but not as I have previously known it”. She was deeply impressed and spent “three gloriously unforgettable hours of culinary wizardry”.

In other words, I am not alone loving noma, its food, the restaurants scenic location near the Copenhagen harbours, and chef René Redzepi’s creative culinary thinking. Others seem to share my taste, not only fellow Danes.

All pictures courtesy of noma.

M. Linde

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