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Danish Gastronomy And Showcooking

Posted on May 14, 2010 by Morten Linde

At Linde Werdelin we thoroughly enjoy a good meal, and lately the interest for Danish and Nordic gastronomy has exploded. Recently, the top Copenhagen restaurant Noma, won the astonishing award of being the no. 1 restaurant in the World. Last year, the restaurant was placed as no. 3 on the same list, so naturally we wanted to congratulate them again this year…

Pictures courtesy of Noma

The gastronomy trend in Denmark is moving away from traditionally being influenced by the French or Italian cuisines, and instead focuses on the Nordic kitchen based on ingredients from the Scandinavian countries. The catalyst of this trend is undoubtedly Noma (NoMa is short for Nordisk Mad – Nordic Food), which is specialised in creating gastronomy based on wild herbs from the Danish forests, crabs and fish from the Nordic waters and many other interesting ingredients from Scandinavia.

Pictures courtesy of

The Danish kitchen has really evolved quite heavily through the past 20 years. Coming from a time when everything was based on pork (in various formats), potatoes and gravy, the trends are now very different. In the early 90’s and in the start of the millennium, the Danish food craftsmanship had almost disappeared and had been replaced with influences from the Italian, French and Asian kitchens. But thankfully, the Danish gastronomy traditions are now being brought back into the homes and restaurants of Denmark, but with a modern twist.

Another interesting and trendsetting phenomenon in the world of Danish gastronomy, is the Showcooking events held by a group of independent top chefs under the name of NaCl (Nordic Academy of Culinary Leisure) – only in Danish, but check out their gallery. The group is a non-profit organisation of 8 young chefs, trying to push the boundaries of gastronomy through avant-garde ways of making and presenting a wide variety of amazing dishes. Their events are held 4-5 times per year, with a maximum of 40 guests – but a waiting list of several thousands. Upon arrival you are greeted by the chefs and often invited into the kitchen to see the preparations of the meals to come. It is truly an amazing, mind-opening and mouthwatering experience.

Pictures courtesy of Mads Eneqvist and NaCl

Danish gastronomy is definitely a hot trend, but one that is here to stay. It’s actually always been here, but lately been refined and challenged by new and inspiring creative talents…

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