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Dive In The Blue

Posted on August 19, 2011 by Jorn Werdelin

Diving was the sole reason for me to come to the Philippines. I managed to squeeze in a pit stop in Cebu on our business trip to Asia in June/July. You can read my impressions of the island in my last post: Diving Paradise.

I had two days to dive. The first morning we went, with a dive master, on the house reef to the north and in the afternoon on the house reef to the south. Both good dives with the first down to 18 meters and the second slightly longer but less deep. During the second dive we saw the shadows of a manta ray, plus a lot of smaller fish along the reef wall.

The second day we took a tricycle to another dive centre. The tricycle is the local taxi and they are all decorated in wild colours and often a Christian message such as “God will protect us” painted inside or outside. At the dive centre we were taken out to an island called Pescadora, where there was a large school of sardines and supposedly the best place to dive locally.

We had three dives there, two in the morning and one in the afternoon. The edge of the reef was beautiful and with so many fish that it was quite unbelievable. We dived amongst the sardines which congregated like a wall surrounding you – so many that it becomes dark above you even if you are only ten meters down, and when the sardines suddenly swim away it is like the light gets switched on.

The highlight of the day was swimming very close to a green turtle. It literally let us swim right alongside it. I found it surprising how graceful it was despite its form. I didn’t get to take a photo of that, or many other amazing sights, but the experience was a personal one and the vivid memories will stay with me.

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