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Diving vs Skiing

Posted on July 4, 2012 by Jorn Werdelin

The two activities are very complimentary and still quite opposite. One is best enjoyed in summer and in warm water and near the equator while the other is obviously best enjoyed when it is really cold and right at the other end from the sea – as high up as possible.

Skiing is physically very challenging and requires strength, precision and speed; diving is more fluid and while it does require fitness it is best enjoyed relaxing as much as possible.

Both activities are immensely pleasurable, filled with adventure and the beautiful aesthetics of either mountains or deep sea, probably the most fascinating of nature’s extremes.

When I immerse myself in either, it allows me to leave the world behind and just focus or enjoy the moment, and when you come up or down, as it may be, I feel incredibly satisfied. Interestingly enough both activities requires only water in one form or another.

Unlike many other sports, skiing or diving are for me a personal challenge and involves no competitive element against other people. I take the most pleasure when I am with others but it is always a very personal experience.

Skiing and diving are very sociable sports, it is most fun when it is surrounded by other holiday activities such as lunch, dinner, a great location, hotel and being with family or friends. Enabling ourselves to create and pursue these great moments in life is what gives meaning to LW.

J. Werdelin

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