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Half the Battle

Posted on June 3, 2011 by Jorn Werdelin

I grew up in a jewellery store, so I have always been excited about getting quality timepieces into customers’ hands. Once you put yourself at the beginning of the chain, things look very differently from this angle. They pass through longer routes to end customers. Since we started in 2007 we have been presenting to retailers that we have something good for them but to take advantage they need to work with us.

[Image: Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik receives his SpidoLite SA from Morten at Franz Jaeger & Me, retailer in Copenhagen – courtesy of Kristian Haagen]

Most of the time both agents/distributors and retailers want to have something that requires little effort to sell – very understandable, but not always conducive when we were introducing something completely new, complex and ambitious to the market.

[Image: Ghost at Timeless – courtesy of Timeless Watch Exchange, retailer in the US]

That’s why we have come to be – having learned many lessons – very careful about spreading ourselves thin and working with people who want to cast us in the same old industry mould. We have to choose the right partners, who have real appreciation of craftsmanship and quality, care about their customers, like what we do, have patience, and really want to be part of the story.

[Image: With Jeffrey of E’Collezione, retailer in Singapore]

We are in a good place now. Retailers understand what we are about and why their customers ask for Linde Werdelin. We work closely with partners who are our friends and want to grow with us. We can extend a far better experience to customers this way. And that should be the way forward.

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