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Hi-Tech Ceramic

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Morten Linde

We use a hi-tech ceramic for the first time to create the bezel for our latest dive watch family, the Oktopus II.  Ceramic has been hailed as a break-through material for timepieces in the last few years for its hardness and superior durability.

Ceramics do not get scratched except by diamonds.  They are much desired but still not commonly seen because of the costly hi-tech process to develop and produce, and few companies use them well in watches.

The ceramic bezel we have is uniquely created and requires even more effort and care.  We give the top surface a satin-finish and polish a small angular facet around side of each and every bezel individually.  It gives a beautiful soft sheen and, in the case of the Oktopus II, works better than a DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) bezel to bring out the depth of the case body.  I am really pleased with the result and have taken some photos to show you.

On the left it is a DLC bezel.

What is also special is the tension disks in yellow that we particularly put under the screws to create a seal to secure the bezel with absolute tightness.  Small detail but it makes a big difference.

Like titanium which we use for the case body, ceramics are very inert, and will not corrode or cause allergic reactions. We use these finest materials with serious application to a timepiece for real world diving.

The use of ceramic for the bezel makes the most sense.  It is the part that is more exposed to nicks and scratches.  When you wear the Oktopus II, you will feel the quality and be amazed by knowing what is sitting on your wrist.

M. Linde

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