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Honorary LW People

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Jorn Werdelin

Over the years, we have had many friends who have become our customers and many customers who have become friends.  Collectively, we like to think of them as LW people.

LW people are not ‘ambassadors’ in some marketing scheme, whereby brands pay celebrities to endorse their products to entice impressionable consumers.  In fact, we despise that whole concept.  Our customers are way above and more intelligent than that!

LW people are real people who identify with our lifestyle and share the same spirit.

Today, Linde Werdelin has great pleasure to honour one of them, and is proud to officially announce our partnership with Jon Olsson.

Olsson is a professional freeskier, alpine ski racer, super-car lover, and a Gumball 3000 regular.  He lives in Monaco and Marbella, in the mountains for his ski career, and the rest of the world in between.  Olsson first came to LW as a customer to experience our Try It service, and is now a privileged owner of the SpidoLite Tech Gold, our first timepiece made with forged carbon.

Olsson loves carbon-fibre creations.  He designed his own super car, the supercharged carbon-bodied Rebellion R2K, built by former chief engineer of Koenigsegg.

We look forward to sharing more about Olsson with you in our common universe and passion for skiing, superb performance (in cars, in materials, in life!), LW creations, fun times, and a good life between mountains and cities.

Jon Olsson’s personal website:

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