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The Icelandic Skiing Adventures Continues with Sebastian Jakobsen

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Linde Werdelin

Sebastian Jakobsen is a Danish sometime-competitive freeskier. On a trip to Iceland in April this year he took a SpidoSpeed Carbon – Green on his adventure. In this three-part series over the course of three weeks here on The Lab, Sebastian will share his words and stunning photography to recount the experience. This is part two. Read part one here.

Early starts were becoming a theme for this trip. The second day started almost as early as the first, with a 5.30am wake-up. We were psyched to get back out onto the slopes after such a great day yesterday!

We drove towards the same area as day one to find something with the same sun exposure hoping we would find the same, good skiing conditions. But, we quickly realised it had been significantly colder overnight and the snow had been transformed into ice. We decided to change course and head for some south-facing mountain faces.

In order to find such a face, we would need to cross a small river, but that meant we had to walk a long way to find a crossing point. The walk was long, but it was very calming to just enjoy the hushed babbling of water and the sounds of nature.

LW_Iceland_Skiing_Sebastian-Jakobsen_2.1[Jakobsen and co. used the narrow snow bridge shown in the image to cross the river, after a long trek.]

Once on the other side of the river, we quickly realised that this mountain face had also been exposed to too much sunshine. The snow here was totally ruined and we had to turn back – again. At this point the group split in two; some in the group wanted to give the previous icy face another chance, while the rest (including me) wanted to take the car along the coast, in the direction of Dalvík, to look for other potentially nice spots.

But first, of course, it was time to relax a little, enjoy the sun, and kick-start a nice little tan after a long winter.

LW_Iceland_Skiing_Sebastian-Jakobsen_2.2[A peaceful moment in the midst of untouched nature.]

On our little drive we found a mountain that fit our criteria. We found a ski area with one or two lifts that had already closed for the season; it had a nice view of Dalvík with a beautiful fjord in the background. It was picturesque.

We drove further north along the coast to look for an easily-accessible spot with an ocean view to shoot some pictures. Happily, we found it. The runs were not the longest here, nor was it the best snow I have ever skied, but that pales into insignificance when you get some great shots like the below! And the best thing about short ski runs? Short hikes to get to the top. There are not many places on Earth you find steep, snow-covered mountains rising straight out of the ocean.

LW_Iceland_Skiing_Sebastian-Jakobsen_2.4[A short ski run, set against a stunning backdrop – a pristine fjord and magnificent mountains.]

Regrouping later, the others told us the conditions had improved, but they were envious of the photos we had managed to take that day.

LW_Iceland_Skiing_Sebastian-Jakobsen_2.5[The SpidoSpeed Carbon – Green and the Rock that accompanied Jakobsen on his adventure in Iceland.]

Sebastian Jakobsen, a sometime-competitive freeride skier, and ski adventurer, will be recounting his Icelandic skiing adventures in a three-part series here on The Lab. His skiing trip took place in April, but we are sharing it now as we head back into the skiing season. If you would like to see more of Sebastian Jakobsen, his photographs and adventures, his concluding post in the Iceland series will be on The Lab next week. You can also follow him on Instagram: @sebastian.jakobsen.