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It's an idea - not a concept

Posted on November 18, 2009 by Jorn Werdelin

If I should pinpoint one clear difference between then and now, it would be the difference between the way Morten and I see the whole Linde Werdelin idea. In the beginning we were making watches to be used with the instruments, but not as separate pieces.

Today we see the watches and instruments as two individual families – you have a watch in one hand and an instrument in the other. Basically we would be limiting ourselves if we looked back at the beginning and thought: If we have a chronograph in the instrument, then there’s no use of having one in the watch. That didn’t make sense in the long run, so we put that thought away and rethought the idea.

You can compare it with other brands like Bang & Olufsen or Apple – you might buy a TV or an iPod but you don’t necessarily have to buy the whole product range to make it work. It’s a choice of your own. Some people ask us, why customers don’t always buy the instruments, and our answer is clear: They buy the watch because they love the idea of having the possibility to add something extra and because they love the watch as a timepiece. It’s a unique feature that no one else offers.

Some people come to us with skepticism in their voices when they ask us if they really need the ski instrument for skiing. Well, do you need a seatbelt, when you’re driving? Maybe and maybe not. But it sure feels nice to be safe, right? Avalanches may occur, so a Linde Werdelin ski instrument could give you vital information and warn you about possible dangers on the slopes.

You can see our ski instrument – and dive instrument for that matter – as a safety tool that also gives you some handy information. You cannot dive without knowing several features and keeping track of time, but you can ski without the instrument of course. But we know for sure that it’s all about being prepared for the worst and that’s where our instrument becomes more than a handy and useful tool.

Within a short time we’ll have the GPS module installed in our instruments. We’re proud to know that we are offering unique watches and instruments with a particular idea that no one else has. That’s the way of being unique in our minds.

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