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Launch of The Winter Season

Posted on December 7, 2009 by Jorn Werdelin

Morten and I are both keen skiers, as I mentioned a few weeks ago. We have been skiing in the Alps since the age of six without missing a season. Our passion for skiing was one of the inspirations behind the founding of Linde Werdelin in 2002. Over the years, we have come to know many fantastic ski routes, hotels, restaurants, and people in various resorts first-hand. We often get the question, “Where do you recommend…?” Naturally we are delighted to offer our suggestions. But when you are known to have a lot to say on a subject, you get asked all the time…

So we thought, why not put it all in a guidebook!

In 2006, we produced the first ski guide book for Switzerland. It went out through our personal and business networks. Since then we have expanded the guide to include France and Italy. We did it all by ourselves, from writing, design, production, publishing, to packaging. The whole process was like a pregnancy…well, at least from a man’s perspective. But it’s not something you’d take on unless you feel strongly enough about it.

Morten and I have hand-picked the places, the people you should know, and what to look out for in each resort from our best experiences. We update and expand the guide each year, as we continue to add new finds and to provide you with the most updated information to experience superior skiing. We hope that you too will find inspirations through exploring the peaks and valleys of the Alps; you may even want to tell us if you come across a hidden gem that we have missed.

This year we are making our annual LW Ski Guide available for the first time online on SQUA.RE (launch to be announced next week) and in major bookstores and Paul Smith stores in the UK, as we know there are many out there who enjoy skiing and the mountain lifestyle as much as we do. An iPhone app will follow with interactive features. We are doing a launch party at Paul Smith’s flagship store this week. Should be fun. Now the ski guide is ready, the snow conditions are promising…

Let the ski season commence!!

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