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Posted on July 7, 2010 by Morten Linde

Summer is here. You and I may have different ideas as to where we want to spend our summer holidays, but we are likely to agree that time is luxury. Everytime I look at my watch, I am reminded of not just what we have created at Linde Werdelin, but also how I spend my time.

This thought process goes into our design. Many of our fundamental design elements are inspired by our lifestyle. You already know about the instruments. Another part of our DNA is a strap-changing system to allow a LW watch to be worn in any way we would like to spend our time, be it urban or sporting.

Say, you have an Oktopus from our dive watch series, you can wear it with a rubber strap for 100% water resistance when you’re diving, and you can wear it with an alligator strap for urban elegance when you’re out in a wine bar. I think most of our customers understand the benefit pretty well as they often have multiple straps to suit different occasions.

Changing the straps is easy, takes 2 minutes. Coming up with a system that would work well was not. Because we had the design constraints imposed by having to carry an instrument. The outcome, however, makes our lugs as part of the case design unique to us. It also means our straps have to be specially designed. All of our straps have been given serious technical studies. They are one of the most complicated to produce on the market. Each material used for our straps has been tested for 2 years before being considered.

I do offer my desired combinations as to which models should pair with which straps. But customers’ choices of pairing, which reflect their individual styles, often blow me away. Above photo is an example, courtesy of Mr. Bloore. It works when it works for you. And that’s the spirit of LW.

M. Linde

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