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Master of Complications

Posted on September 4, 2009 by Morten Linde

We just returned from Geneva where we visited Svend Andersen’s atelier. Andersen inspected once again the blue gold rotors from our SpidoLite SA collection. He is very thorough and wanted these blue gold rotors to be perfect.

Svend Andersen is considered a Master of Complications in the horological world. We are very proud to be working with such a talented watch maker. Not to mention he shares the same passport: he´s Danish!

Andersen is the founder of AHCI (Académie des Horlogers Créateurs Indépendants). This is an organisation for the top talents in independent watch and clock making from all over the world. Meeting the requirements to be considered as a candidate member of the AHCI is no mean feat. Members well worth mentioning are Felix Baumgarten, George Daniels, Paul Gerber, Philippe Dufour, Francois-Paul Journe, among other very well-known independent watch makers.

In Geneva, we discussed two projects which we are currently working on in collaboration with Svend Andersen. These projects will be launched at BaselWorld 2010. We are very exited about them and looking forward to the grand presentation in seven months.

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