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Three New Additions to the Oktopus Family

Posted on March 4, 2015 by Morten Linde

At the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 you would have seen us launching three new additions to the Oktopus family: the BluMoon, Moon Carbon and Double Date Carbon – Green. For me, this represented the culmination of two years’ work to transform them from sketches in Copenhagen to three complete series ready to be added to the Linde Werdelin collection.

oktopus blumoon

As with every new series, a big proportion of this time went into researching, and experimenting with, the materials used in those pieces – especially the Titanium Grade 5 and the 3DTP™ process of crafting a carbon case. All of this is done in close collaboration with our fine Swiss craftsmen and artisans, tweaking and fine-tuning designs before handcrafting the final pieces. It has been fantastic to see that hard work come to fruition, and the positive reception of these has been humbling and rewarding for me personally.

Oktopus Moon Carbon

The Lab is my opportunity to take you behind-the-scenes of Linde Werdelin and in the next few months I will be focusing on sharing with you how I go about creating a new timepiece. Along the way I will be discussing the design philosophy I have and taking you on a journey of discovery about how a Linde Werdelin comes into existence.

Morten Linde Sketching
Looking at the most recent piece, the Oktopus Double Date Carbon – Green is a very powerful design. It is fresh and vibrant in its green glory. It is perfect for anyone with a strong character and big personality who is comfortable knowing they are different from the crowd. The Double Date Carbon – Green is a timepiece that really embraces a devil-may-care spirit. Of course, on a more neutral colour strap, like the black rubber, the complexion of the timepiece changes considerably and it becomes a toned down version of itself.

lw oktopus double date carbon green

I look forward to sharing much more with you in 2015.

M. Linde

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