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Pre Basel Nerves

Posted on March 18, 2009 by Morten Linde

BaselWorld is just around the corner and I am really excited! This is the first time Linde Werdelin is attending BaselWorld. Last year (2008) we booked a hotel suite in Geneva during SIHH and had journalists and potential retailers visit us there. But so much has happend since last year! We are introducing 18 new looks this year, not only the SpidoLite…but…hold on hold on…would spoil the fun if I showed you everything here.

The only “old” pieces we are showing is the charger for the Instruments and the temperature sensor. Everything else is updated and brand new! The prototypes will arrive just in time for the opening day of BaselWorld (next week, March 26th) and I am very anxious to see these. Jorn and I feel that the original ideas and designs that were merely concepts and drawings six years ago are finally being created. These are indeed exciting times.

A watch needs to be a complementary piece of creation. You have to look at it everyday, wear it for most of the outfits in your closet. Whereas everything changes once added with our Instrument. Putting that on top of our watch instantly takes us somewhere else. All of a sudden work becomes play. Any holiday is an entertaining part of life and our Instrument belongs to these good times, whether it is skiing, climbing the mountains, or diving.

M. Linde

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