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Presenting the SpidoSpeed Part II

Posted on February 28, 2011 by Morten Linde

Last time, I shared with you the design inspiration and introduced the newly developed skeletonised case (see Part I). This 32-part case structure is one of the most complex and technically challenging to produce on the market. With all the facets and concealed corners around the case that machines can never reach, each piece has to be meticulously hand crafted and finished by a top artisan, who must have at least 4 years’ practical experience before having the skills to handle the most complex structures.

Above is an artisan shaving a rough edge of 0.01mm from a corner of the case by hand. Without removing these rough bits along both the inner and outer surfaces, an instrument would not be able to clip-on. Shaving off too much, the case would be ruined and go to waste.

Another feature we had to develop from scratch is the chronograph pushers. Going against conventional designs, the pushers in SpidoSpeed do not stick out of the case but indented 0.2mm inside the case. This way, not only would it enable a dive or ski instrument to clip on without obstruction, it also reduces the potential of damage caused by an exposed part.

In order to incorporate our pusher and case design, a movement has been specially produced by an independent Swiss movement manufacture for SpidoSpeed. This custom-made movement is a high quality, modern, well-constructed, well-finished calibre and is engraved with LW03 (the SA vintage movement in SpidoLite being LW01, and the Frederic Piguet in Oktopus Moonphase & Tattoo being LW02). To us, it is important what is ticking inside has to live up to the level of craftsmanship that goes into our timepieces.

Having perfected our unique clip-on mechanism for the watch+instrument designs to take shape, and our own interchangeable strap system, we have now developed our multiple-layered dial construction, our own case structure, our own pusher system, and a custom-made movement, complete with our own rotor. SpidoSpeed Chronograph will open a new chapter for Linde Werdelin and we can’t wait to present to the world this novelty in a couple of weeks.

[Next to come The Finishing Touch]

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