The Lab

Show Time at BaselWorld 2012

Posted on March 16, 2012 by Morten Linde

Today’s post marks the 3rd anniversary of The Lab.

It is incredible to think back when we started the idea of sharing our thoughts and experience behind the scenes back in 2008/9, we knew we wanted to make our first post ever with a pre-Basel story. Fast forward to 2012, this year was our 4th year in Basel. We kept things simpler yet more focused this time and everything worked out great. We were more chilled out and the quality of meetings was higher. Having good times together as a team as well as with everyone we met was important. We must be able to enjoy ourselves, the rest we believe will follow.

Thanks to the online power, we had a 360 around the world experience with guests who came to visit having learned of us via the internet. From South America to Russia, Canada to Australia, and even places I may never have the fortune to visit. And this is what is great about Basel…it is so cosmopolitan. One of our guests was a Hong Kong based magazine, Manifesto. They have kindly produced a video interview and let us share this with you so that I can take you back to the show with me for just a few minutes.

We have also received many posts with live coverage and photos of our Basel presence on the LWuniverse page. The sharing from everyone is a wonderful geature and we very much appreciate it. These posts as well as the photos we have published are open to public, so you can view them without having to sign up: LW Universe. It makes me proud to think that we are being well-received. Every year we are becoming more and more a part of the show. We come to Basel and we see friends everywhere. It feels like coming home once a year now. And it is a great feeling.

M. Linde