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SpidoSpeed Unveiled at BaselWorld 2011

Posted on April 5, 2011 by Morten Linde

Show time!

We announced and launched not just one, not two, but three SpidoSpeed versions at BaselWorld.

Images are better than words. So here I take you back to the show with us…

The weather is largely glorious (or at least in the few rare moments we get to step outside to witness it). Without any deviation, the Linde Werdelin stand gets transformed from the 3D design renderings we showed you during the Countdown to BaselWorld to reality.

Our stand is open and welcoming, topped with strong visuals, and iconic furniture pieces provided by Fritz Hansen. We even have Miss Oktopus diving gracefully on the side.

The buzz is fantastic. We do feel this year is a big leap forward for us judging by the interest and attention we receive. It is clear that our brand, and the watch + instrument idea are now well understood. Guests come to see us for the first-hand experience of the design, craftsmanship, and quality we offer.

In case you didn’t get a 3D experience of the SpidoSpeed from us directly, we hope you can get a sense of it from this short video taken live at BaselWorld by Hodinkee.

For more coverage, and the SpidoSpeed in Steel, DLC, and Rose Gold/Titanium versions, please visit our website

[More on SpidoSpeed: Function with Style]

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