The Lab

Straps and foils

Posted on April 9, 2009 by Morten Linde

Unwrapping the prototypes from Basel World back home at the offices was all fun, especially for the staff that did not have the chance to join us while there. It was nice to finally share what the journalists, retailers, agents and guests had commented on and shot pictures of from our exhibition booth in Hall 4.

I really like seeing the bright color foil in the spring sun as well as trying on all the new straps that we have had in production for quite a while. The new rubber coated leather strap for the Oktopus, the tan ostrich, the perforated strap for Spidolite etc. It is pretty hard, even for me as the designer, to stick to one strap alone, when the boxes arrive to the offices; full of great new looks and feels.

We are just going through the small changes and adjustments and will soon be able to show the updated computer renderings of the 2009 novelties, so stay tuned.

M. Linde