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Super Car, Super Cool

Posted on June 16, 2010 by Morten Linde

Supercars are design and engineering wonders. Sports cars and GTs are a thrill to drive and they are comfortable on the road for everyday use. Supercars are in another league. They must have drama, have to be a bit scary and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. And of course their extraordinary key specs (top speed, the nought-to-62mph acceleration time, weight-to-power ratio, etc.) are what make them Supercars.

When you look across various Top 10 lists of the fastest road/production cars in the world, there are the usual suspects: Bugatti Veyron, McLaren F1, Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini…

Then there is the lesser known Koenigsegg.

Supercars are normally associated with Italy; only a few come from the rest of the world. Koenigsegg is one of the exceptions and it hails from Sweden!

Here, in the cold north, a young man is fulfilling his childhood dream.

Christian von Koenigsegg is building Supercars, and has done so for 15 years now. The cars from Koenigsegg are some of the fastest on the planet, also with fantastic track performance. The cars are designed and produced with one purpose only: high speed driving!

This simple mission is far from being simple to achieve. The forces of a car at 300+ km/h are hard to grasp. To make a car go fast in a straight line is the easy part, to make a car controllable at such a high speed is an astonishing accomplishment.

The build quality is extremely high and the materials are chosen with painstaking attention to detail. I don’t need to tell you the vital statistics which will take your breath away. Just watch this video if you have 10 minutes: Jay Leno’s Garage – Koenigsegg Trevita CCXR

If this video were a watch interview, I would be saying pretty much the same things for Linde Werdelin. Koenigsegg is a small independent niche company competing with the big boys in the car industry. Big companies may have easier access to most resources and cutting-edge technologies. The fact that Koenigsegg can build superior cars to most of its contemporaries against all odds is what strikes a chord with us.

Above all, we relate to them in that we are fulfilling a dream.

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