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Testing the Instrument

Posted on May 29, 2009 by Morten Linde

With these pictures you can experience some of the many tests our Sea Instrument, “The Reef”, have undergone. These tests were carried out in the ocean near our Copenhagen offices, Øresund, which is the ocean between Denmark and Sweden, offering depths that are excellent for Linde Werdelin field tests.

Besides being tested in its favourite habitats – that being deep waters, high mountains or steep cliffs – The Reef has also undergone vigorous computer simulated tests, and furthermore tests done by a certified test lab here in Denmark.

In one of the tank tests, The Reef was exposed to the pressure (BAR) of 115 meters. Of course working perfectly, all fully functional, and display being completely visible.

The entire vigorious testing process ensures end consumers’ satisfactory experience with the unique functions of The Reef and never doubt the quality and original concept of the Linde Werdelin Sea Instrument. After all our Instrument is made to meet professional demands in even the most challenging environments.

M. Linde

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