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The Evolution Continues

Posted on October 7, 2011 by Morten Linde

In less than a year from now it will be 10 years since Jorn’s and my commitment to Linde Werdelin began; a commitment of crafting high quality, mechanically excellent and architecturally and design advanced timepieces and instruments. We have come a long way to be where we are now, always trying to surpass our limits offering something innovative to the brand’s friends.

It was as early as 2007 in Linde Werdelin’s life when we started working on a new watch concept called the Trigon which essentially featured skeletonised case parts. Never before had such a concept existed in the industry. It was at that time when the opportunity of the Everest mountaineer and friend of Linde Werdelin gave me a stronger incentive to come up with a solution of reducing the weight of the watch by skeletonising it leaving a sturdy and very light watch-head frame.

Conviction, determination and a strong will to create and dare the ‘impossible’ (according to Swiss manufactures) saw the predecessor of the SpidoLite take shape and form. A very small edition of 11 pieces were made and sold. Even before the pieces where produced, I was thinking what the evolution of the Trigon should be.

But this was not enough to the evolution of the SpidoLite we wanted to offer. We worked with an independent watch maker to give life and power to our then newest creation by staying true to our principles of edgy and innovative design, craftsmanship and quality of movement. The result was amazingly well received of our three versions of the SpidoLite SA’s being at the top of our collection.

It has now been two years since then and in technology terms this is a lot in terms of advancement. The SpidoSpeed is a living testament to true evolution since our first attempt with the Trigon.

A three-part case construction crafted to absolute precision and perfection, pushing the limits in case skeletisation by opening the case construction further and a new movement which bits strong in between the sapphire crystals. Every single part of the 32 components of the case was thought up separately and put together to create perfect harmony.

From Trigon to SpidoSpeed, it has been a journey of discovery, experimentation and evolution which does not stop here but continues to live on and takes new shape and life in SpidoLite II which we just launched yesterday evening. Here are some of the first images of the new model and as always your feedback is welcome.

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