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The Illustrative side of LW

Posted on April 23, 2010 by Jorn Werdelin

What do graphic novels, watches and professional instruments have to do with one another? It might not have been obvious, but it struck us with total sense when we decided to take a fresh and rather illustrative approach to presenting and sharing our watches and instruments.

It all started more than a year ago when we had the idea to do something different and unusual with our advertising. We wanted to get out of the box of traditional watch advertising where celebrity ambassadors and sports events are often used to tell the stories of the brands. We have a reputation for doing things differently (I think our watches and instruments tell you already), so we wanted our advertising to do the same.

We took our ideas to a creative agency who brought us to renowned French duo Dominique Bertail, illustator, and Thierry Smolderen, scenario writer. (See: our rendezvous last year). As a young and innovative brand with a focus on qaulity and design, we felt that the art of hand-drawn illustrations was exactly the right medium to use to capture our spirit.

Together with the duo, we created a parallel illustrated LW Universe, and a story set in this universe called The Perfect Five. It is a journey that combines reality and fantasy with mind-captivating twists and turns involving four main characters.

Without giving too much away, the story revolves around five microprocessors developed for LW watches and instruments. Because of a fault and anomaly during production, these five microchips have been given unprecedented calculating power. If brought together, this power gives them the ability to solve one of the most intriguing scientific enigmas of all time… therefore, LW has set out to find the already sold watches and instruments with these five microchips.

Last year, we publicised the image of the mysterious and secret character SpidoGirl. In the story, she wears the SpidoLite SA watch and The Rock, both with special high tech functions built in, on her missions. In the first chapter, we also meet 23 year-old Cheng Xue, a Chinese doctoral marine biologist currently studying at Stockholm University. She wears the Oktopus watch and The Reef diver’s instrument in her daily life, and on her incredible expeditions to the depths of the sea. When we meet her, she is on an expedition in the Arctic Sea and on the verge of discovering one of the most interesting archaeological finds ever…

You will be able to follow the endeavours of The Perfect Five characters in the following magazines: IW Magazine (USA), Time Werke (Singapore), Rejoles & Estilograficas (Spain), Tiempos de Rejoles (Mexico) and QP (UK). See behind the scenes here on The Lab. You can also download our exclusive offer of LW Universe wallpapers through the forum main page on

As they say in the world of graphic novels and illustrations: to be continued…

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