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The Italian Get-Away

Posted on May 20, 2009 by Morten Linde

It is important to have a great get-away place, when you just want to relax with your family. Get as far away as possible, not so much range-wise, but mainly mentally, due to the peace and quiet this place offers. The Italian hotel Villa Feltrinelli is just such a place.

I know for a fact that I am not the only person who appreciates this special place, as the website of Villa Feltrinelli bids you welcome with these words:. “Winston Churchill painted it, D.H. Lawrence wrote about it, artists and statesmen discovered this unexplored part of Italy centuries ago: the beautiful village of Gargnano of Lake Garda.”

The Villa was bought in 1997 and brought back to the original shape by a talented design team from around San Francisco. It takes a lot of love and knowledge to restore such a historic place like Villa Feltrinelli.

Even though the Villa Feltrinelli oozes tranquility and rustic elegance it also offers modern utilities such as a screen theatre that offers a modern audio experience, LCD screens and DVD on every room.

A personal scenic boat trip on Lake Garda is made possible onboard Villa Feltrinellis own 16 feet pleasure craft “La Contessa”. This boat was designed by a San Fransicso design team and commissioned by the villa in a local ship yard.

Some of the rooms even offer bath rooms up to 500 square-feet with heated marble floors, making them some of the hardest rooms to leave when staying at the Villa Feltrinelli! I recently called the villa and even though it was four years since my last stay, they remembered me and asked to my family. Villa Feltrinelli is a slice of heaven. The atmosphere makes you relax, everything there seems perfect and everything seems possible – even if your wish is a vintage bottle of champagne, a special slice of pizza or just the ultimate relaxing and private experience in rustic and beautiful surroundings.

All pictures courtesy of Villa Feltrinelli

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