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The Lasting Value

Posted on October 21, 2011 by Morten Linde

Check out this pretty cool trailer, made for the radio channel P3 and being broadcast these two months nationwide on DR (Denmark’s national TV network). What struck me when I saw it was that, a LW Two Timer Gold from our first collection popped up in a couple shots through the thrilling action.

The Two Timer Gold featured is owned by Nicolai Klingenberg, who is “The Host” in the video.  He brought his own LW to the shoot. Nicolai has a lifestyle blog:

By complete coincidence, I also came across a couple of style icons of Denmark photographed in magazines this month donning LW timepieces. Again, these are one of our first designs.

[Anja Camilla Alajdi is wearing The One with a Silver dial]

The lasting value of a design and creation can only be proven over time. I was left satisfied knowing LW timepieces are standing the test of time throughout these years after seeing the coolest people in Copenhagen still wearing their LWs out and about in public. Mind you, we do not do any celebrity endorsement, we do not do product sponsorship – we do not play that game. These are customers who started their appreciation for LW from our early days. And it goes to show that we are not a trend, and we are not a fad.

[Jakob Blom is wearing Two Timer Gold with a Red Dial]

To quote my own words,

“It’s easy to make something look good, but that’s not the point.  It is a lot harder to design a lasting object that will not age or become obsolete.”

– taken from this page on our website: Founders

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