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Posted on December 6, 2013 by Jorn Werdelin

Linde Werdelin People Kristian Haagen

We are thrilled to reveal our latest honorary LW person. A fellow Dane, close friend, client, author, watch appraiser and watch connoisseur, the one and only Mr Kristian Haagen.

Kristian is one of the most celebrated watch journalists of today, contributing stacks of watch articles for some of the most prestigious International media across the globe. He just launched his fifth book, full of dreamy timepieces we would all give an arm for. He also works as a watch appraiser for an auction house in Denmark, Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers.

Kristian Haagen Auction House Watch Appraiser

In 2006, after having worked in advertising for 20 years, Kristian opted to spend his life writing and talking about watches. At the age of ten his fascination with l’horlogerie began and has never ceased; in fact his love for watches has completely snowballed out of control!

Kristian Haagen at the Georg Jensen VIP Lounge Copenhagen Airport

Before asking Kristian about watches it is advised to grab a comfy seat and take some popcorn; his face lights up, he becomes immensely animated and smiles from ear to ear. His depth of knowledge is exceptional and matched by few. Kristian writes a monthly online watch magazine called TimeGeeks which is read by watch aficionados worldwide.

Kristian Haagen - owners of 3 Linde Werdelin timepieces

Kristian was introduced to Linde Werdelin in 2005, through an enthusiastic Danish friend and acquired his first LW in 2007. “What I like about LW is that they actually design really cool watches which represent a ‘brand new generation of l’horlogerie’. Morten’s design is poetic and his creativity remarkable. I really look forward to the future of Linde Werdelin.”

Kristian’s book is the perfect addition to any coffee table complied of his favourite timepieces. The originality of his book ‘Armbåndsure’ is that not one single penny has been paid by a brand to be featured inside.  These are Kristian’s true thoughts and have not been dictated by anyone but himself. We are privileged he has chosen one of his many LW’s to adorn the cover!

Armbåndsure on Timepieces by Kristian Haagen

Armbåndsure on Linde Werdelin timepieces by Kristian Haagen

If you ever wish to seek advice from Kristian, he can be found without fail scribbling away at his favourite coffee shop Koppa in Hellerup. Denmark. If not, you can rest assured he is at the latest watch exhibition somewhere in the world.


J. Werdelin


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