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The Other Half of the LW Duo

Posted on November 5, 2009 by Jorn Werdelin

After several posts by my business partner, Morten Linde, it’s about time to introduce myself. I’m the London-based partner from the Linde Werdelin duo. I’ve known Morten Linde since preschool. And already from that age, I had watches close to me.

My father ran several watch and jewelry shops in Denmark. I remember those years when he got back from the annual watch fair in Basel. I can still picture his briefcase, full of the new masterpieces from great watch companies, and myself, eager to discover the latest creations.

I got my first watch from my grandmother when I was around five years old. Throughout my younger years I followed the development of the watch business. The first digital watches were not only technological masterpieces at the time, but also a threat to the old, proud traditions in the world of traditional watches.

Even though the times were tough, the business survived. When it comes to remembering one certain watch from those years, I would mention one of the first Cartier Santos. It was THE watch to have – it was revolutionary in its design. It won my heart from the minute I saw it.

You might as well have seen the great interest in skiing from our Linde Werdelin universe; and that also is strongly connected with Morten’s and my passion for the winter sport. I’m pretty sure that the first time I went skiing, it was around the same year I got my first watch. My family and I went to Switzerland for two or three weeks and it was all about skiing – and it has been like that ever since.

When I’m on my skis, it really clears my head – it’s the only time when I truly relax. It’s no surprise that we have developed a ski instrument as a perfect match to a Linde Werdelin watch. How that idea came up and what the instrument has to offer I will share with you next time.

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