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The Paradox of Exclusivity

Posted on October 28, 2009 by Morten Linde

We have been hearing a lot about the overflow of watches on the market and the 20%, 30%, or 40% discount on luxury watches all over the world. It is such a paradox that, for various reasons, we set out to have a delivery schedule of 3-6 months for many our of models from this year’s collection, and we have waiting lists for 80% of the watches we produce.

Our watches are made at the best places in Switzerland and we work with highly-respected watch-makers. Time and care are what they will take to achieve the best craftsmanship. We appreciate the demand from our customers. It is a big luxury to be able to sell more watches then we can deliver, especially given these difficult times we are in. It may have raised the level of exclusivity for our customers. But it is frustrating for us to keep them waiting. Our products require high precision work and are made in small quantities. Even the best watch makers find them difficult to make. As a result of this delivery times are long, and often longer then we expect.

The feedback from the market recognises that our products are difficult to produce. We were humble to see our design being named one of the 10 Modern Watch Designs of the Future. And it is a true honour that the design is compared with top watches such as Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. We have been invited to exhibit alongside some of the most prestigious luxury houses in the world in 2 weeks time at SalonQP 2009, Britain’s first event of its kind devoted to the finest in contemporary watchmaking. As a young brand that only started in 2002 and came to the market in 2006, we are absolutely proud be put side by side with some of the fantastic watch brands.

On that note, we feel that it was the right time for Jorn to join forces with me on The Lab. Linde Werdelin wouldn’t be Linde Werdelin without Werdelin. Jorn will share the creative elements from the fun marketing side, while I continue to show you what goes on backstage. Jorn will be here next week. No doubt, you will hear about SalonQP in London from him soon.

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