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The Reef: Ready to Hand it Over

Posted on December 7, 2010 by Morten Linde

After a good few years of development and meticulous testing, we are now starting to deliver The Reef!

The Reef has undergone stringent quality assurance procedures in order to be fully approved and certified as market ready. Every single component of The Reef has been tested, from choosing the right anodising for the aluminium part to the liquids inside the instrument and display.

The first tests were done in-house here in Denmark before The Reef was handed over to the authority for certification tests which it passed with flying colours!!

We then worked with dive professionals around the world for two years taking The Reef to its natural habitat and collecting feedback on its real-world performance. We have since made improvements on The Reef based on these dive tests. Dive simulators were also part of the testing procedure for the software (100% in-house developed) whether on the computer or in the pressure chamber we have here in The Lab corner of our studio.

A series of quality and reliability tests were performed repeatedly for temperature, sea water and shock resistance, pressure cycling, readability, operability and many more!

We showed you last year the heat / freeze test where we had to leave The Reef in the freezer for 24hrs before placing it in a heated oven.

Another test was on the product functionality and sturdiness of design construction. What did this test involve? We had to lift 30kg’s on The Reef strapped on a watch.

Want to see a clip of the final test? I have chosen this 30-second one to show you The Reef’s durability in one of the shock resistance tests. This involves dropping The Reef repeatedly from one meter height on to a concrete floor.

So you can imagine that I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy working on all these tests… until next time.

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