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Posted on June 18, 2009 by Morten Linde

Linde Werdelin is proud to yet again supoort extreme climber, Leo Houlding. Houlding is one of the original Linde Werdelin testers. He wore a LW watch and Land Instrument on his Altitude Everest Expedition in June 2007, led by renowned American climber and mountaineer Conrad Anker.

“After wearing my Linde Werdelin watch and Instrument to the Mt. Everest expedition in 2007, I met up with Morten and Jorn to pass on my feedback. I was really pleased with the overall performance. My main suggestion was whether they should look into altering the weight of the watch”, Houlding says.

Houlding’s experience with the LW watch and Land Instrument during this Mt. Everest expedition led to the creation of the skeletonized Spidolite, which was introduced at the Basel World watch show in April 2009. Houlding asked for a lighter watch while snowboarding, skydiving and base jumping, just to mention a few of the extreme activities that make this adrenalin junkie’s blood pump. We basically embraced his request and created the SpidoLite – milling away all excess material as well as using super light titanium for the case instead of steel, inspired by the Formula 1 car chassis structure. The result was a far lighter and striking watch that neither Houlding nor we had imagined.

“At the beginning of 2009 I met with Jorn Werdelin in London who showed me a prototype of the Spidolite and the drilled-out skeletonized case design was incredible! The weight of the SpidoLite was half the weight of the first watch I wore, my steel version!” Houlding says. The Spidolite is also inspired by the ‘stripping down’ of a street car such as Porsche, Aston, or Ferrai, converting it into a race car. You take out the air-con, passenger seat, carpets, stereo etc. to make it as light as possible.

Recently we sponsored Houlding a Hard Black Elemental which he prefers to wear with a black rubber strap. This watch can clearly be seen in the pictures here. These pictures were shot in March 2009 while he speed-climbed the conglomerate towers of Riglos, Spain, together with team mate Carlos Suarez.

By wearing the Hard Black on these rough climbs and in tough environments, he clearly proves that the black DLC coating LW offer is among the best and toughest in the watch world.

Leo Houlding can be found participating in almost any high-adrenaline, high-risk and high-adventure activities and he will be wearing the Hard Black Spidolite and The Rock, aka Land Instrument, on his August expedition to Mt. Asgard in arctic Canada. His collaboration is essential to Linde Werdelin as his lifestyle demands extremely tough watches and useful functions that can be activated instantly. Houlding surely offers the ultimate test grounds for Linde Werdelin watches and Instruments!

M. Linde