The Lab

The Unique Clip-On

Posted on September 29, 2009 by Morten Linde

“The Linde Werdelin watch should inspire an active lifestyle”, such was the notion that Jorn and I had, when we first talked about creating a watch. These initial thoughts led to something very unique: the clip-on Instrument, for skiing or diving.

There it was, a design challenge to incorporate the advanced functionality of a ski or dive computer with a watch without comprising the form and style. My original idea was to offer a multi purpose watch without the chunky look and feel. Combining a hi-tech clip-on Instrument with a mechanical watch that looks great on the wrist, no matter if you are hanging from a mountain wall or presenting slides in the office, is indeed novel.

I have witnessed that our watch and Instrument create quite a few “wow” effects when people try them on for the first time. The sturdy feel of the Instrument being attached to the watch is quite something else. We have put thousands of hours into the Instrument to make sure it offers great and unique design as well as innovative software.

The Linde Werdelin watch and Instrument surely is unique on today’s horological market. Our products are a wonderful mix of old and new: Analogue is how you read time; Digital is how you assimilate information.