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Posted on November 7, 2012 by Jorn Werdelin

We have been soul-searching for a year to renew our graphics fully charged with LW spirit and energy to present the latest collections. With the release of the Oktopus II dive watch series, we are introducing you to the first visual.

We wanted it to be graphically strong, to embody modernity and functionalism, to represent the angularity of our unique case design, and to use water in various forms, be it underwater or in the mountains, as the common element to represent the dive and ski spheres we operate in.

I was not supposed to show you these two inspiration collages, but you can easily see where we are coming from in terms of the visual origins: the distinguished lines and curves that give form and function to our watches and instruments, together with the unparalleled engineering we pursue to construct each and every case to withstand the altitude or depths.

Welcome to the new Linde Werdelin visual universe.


J. Werdelin

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